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Welcome to the experts of creative retirement solutions

Established in May 2000, PensExpert have built a reputation in Switzerland as a forward thinking provider of creative executive pension solutions and asset management services for the truly discerning customer, in accordance with the Swiss Private Banking rules.

Our values, self-determination, personal responsibility and transparency shape PensExpert’s culture and define who we are. Our innovative solutions allow customers to make their own investment choices and take responsibility for those decisions and provision of money. Our integrity through our openness and transparency in the way we do business is a critical component of our continuing success.

Our values implemented are the following:

  • Individual
  • Tailored
  • Intelligent
  • Independent
  • Value oriented
  • Transparent

In addition to our services, we also look forward to introducing you to our PensFlex collective foundation, the PensFree vested benefits foundation, and the Pens3a pension foundation.

But most of all we look forward to having a personal discussion with you. Make us your “general contractor” for integrated pension solutions. For you too we can find the optimum solution with added value.

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PensExpert AG Lucerne >

PensExpert AG
Kauffmannweg 16
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PensExpert AG
Steinenring 52
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PensExpert SA
Avenue de Rumine 33
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CH-8002 Zurich
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