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Provisions for the future means shaping the future. Our position has always been that retirement assets do not belong to pension funds or vested benefits foundations. You, as an individual, are the owner of your accumulated pension capital.

This rationale combined with the aim of providing each client with maximum individuality forms the basis underpinning our solutions. Our guiding values are:


Your enduring preference for a personal pension provision coach, even in the digital age.


You want to select an investment strategy and banking partner that suits you and helps you to shape your own pension provision.


You want full disclosure of investment and consulting fees.


Move away from rigid solutions towards flexible retirement concepts designed to add value.


You want professionals who know about taxation and pensions and can combine the two topics.


Last but by no means least: We are an experienced partner, having been in business for over 20 years.

It all started with pension fraud

Did you know that pension fraud was happening as early as the 1990s? As improbable as it seems in the current low interest rate environment, inflation was a staggering 6% to 7% in 1991-92. Short-term money market investments in Swiss Francs, believe it or not, earned 8% interest. In spite of that, pension assets only earned the BVG minimum interest rate of 4%. In other words, the funds lost value in real terms during that time. To put it more bluntly: the insured members were defrauded of millions.

It was during this time that I completed my on-the-job training as a pension expert. The loss in real value never was an issue, not by my lecturers, nor politicians or media. That’s when I realised how deficient, or even unjust – and opaque the BVG system really was. This realisation stayed with me. And my desire to offer more freedom and greater individual responsibility to people in investing their retirement assets just kept growing.

It was in 2000 that I acted on it: I founded PensExpert AG with like-minded partners. Freedom and individual responsibility have since defined the DNA of PensExpert and all is foundations.

Jörg Odermatt, founding partner

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