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Everything we do is based on an irrevocable premise: Occupational and private retirement assets do not belong to pension funds or vested benefits foundations. You, the client, are the owner of your accumulated pension capital.

This rationale combined with the aim of providing each client with maximum individuality forms the basis underpinning our pension foundations.



You can tailor your management pension plan to your own requirements. Our foundation represents a paradigm shift in occupational pension provision by moving away from the group mentality towards greater freedom and individual responsibility. At PensFlex, it is up to each insured member to act individually, entrepreneurially and responsibly in determining their personal investment strategy.

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«We like the way PensExpert supports the individuality of our management employees in terms of their personal pension provision.»
Zeno Böhm
Burkhalter Group


PensUnit is a response to state over-regulation of 1e pension solutions. PensUnit is for companies and private persons who want more input in selecting their investment strategy. At the same time, your employees benefit from higher purchase gaps.

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The working world is becoming more flexible. Employees undergo phases of working and not working, whether through taking a career break after many years, to further their training, to take a maternity break or attend an extended language course. If so, you need an uncomplicated vested benefits foundation as a “parking space” for your accumulated retirement assets.

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“When you're old, you're old”, as the young and young at heart like to say. However, they forget that early 3rd pillar payments bring long-term benefits. That’s why we offer a voluntary private pension solution for you. An additional exclusive provision is that Pens3a is the only Pillar 3a pension foundation in Switzerland that offers a mortgage to finance your own home.

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Fabio Preite
Partner, Member of EB, Head Administration and Foundations

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