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Private pension provision
The Independent vested benefits foundation has offered insurance benefits for a number of years. Depending on your situation in life, you can make this offer work for you and the premiums are very attractive. Our pension expert Fabio Preite answers the key questions.
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Written by
Fabio Preite
Partner, Member of EB, Head Administration and Foundations

Individual insurance cover in all life situations: how about absence for an extended sabbatical? Is it enough to take out interim accident (UVG) insurance?

When ending an employment relationship, the BVG only applies for another month by law. So it's definitely worth taking out interim insurance for up to 180 days. Unlike interim insurance, which only pays out in the event of an accident, the Independent insurance solution offers what is known as a mixed rate with illness and accident cover.

Does the sabbatical insurance cover apply globally? And what about if you move to live or work in another country?

Yes, the sabbatical cover applies all over the world. Our offer applies even if you move or work abroad on a permanent basis, provided you have been insured with the AHV/IV for at least three consecutive years prior to moving.


How are the risk premiums financed? And why are they usually lower than life insurance premiums?

The risk premium can be paid either by the insured person or the employer. There is also a third option, i.e. to pay out of your pension assets. We differ from life insurers in that we offer a group rate as opposed to an individual one. That’s why our customers enjoy such attractive risk premiums.


When embarking on self-employment, your income is usually lower at the start than your last salary. Does the amount of your income affect the insurable benefits? Are there minimum durations for the insurance cover?

The extent of the insurance cover depends on the sum of the vested benefits as opposed to income. Unlike the well-known claims insurance variant, we work with a fixed sum insurance solution. This offers the clear advantage of keeping benefit levels intact in the event of a claim. The minimum duration is six months. The insurance cover can be terminated at any time subject to a three-month notice period.


What other situations does the Independent insurance solution cater to?

Maternity, further education or an extended stay abroad are other instances where insurance cover is advisable.

Written by
Fabio Preite
Partner, Member of EB, Head Administration and Foundations